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This story came to me after a death in my family lead to the discovery of a crate of paintings stored in a basement. It took about two years of research before I met Maj. Gen Taguba and Then, a picture of the abuse of Imperialist America and its colonial hold over the Philippines came into view. 

TS botkin

Writer / Director


Best First-Time Director

GI Film Festival San Diego

When beginning this project, I was acutely aware of the color of my skin. Though knowledge of part of my heritage means I am aware of the similarities of the story, I am not Filipino. I spoke frankly with representatives from FilVetRep on my suitability to co-advocate and the response was, this is an American issue, and Filipino Americans have advocated alone for a long time without the US accepting responsibility for its actions. Without this acknowledgement from the government, the problem cannot be solved.

TS Botkin - Writer & Director

Bridging the gulf of understanding that exists between POVs has been interesting as I am both the perpetrator and the victim. I understand the arguments that resist accountability and I understand the existential wounding of the aggrieved. Partnered with Amanda Upson and Benito Bautista, we began to build a creative collaboration including Filipino representation at all levels, as well as women, BIPOC, disabled, and veterans. We have remained in close contact with FilVetRep and a dozen more allied AAPI, veteran, and legal organizations to update them on our progress and check in with what is happening across the community. Together, we have demonstrated the patience and dedication in the face of underfunding, in the face of our subjects dying, in the face of a pandemic, and even in the face grave of illness. We continue to stand in solidarity with our veterans, living and dead, to amplify their voices to a broad audience. We are still here, doing the work every day until our collective work is done.

And for me personally, this is ancestral work, a mandate. It shall be done.

Ms. Botkin has been producing for seven years, including the award-winning documentaries Her Turf (2018) and Mary Janes: The Women of Weed (2017). Her directorial debut is the documentary A Long March (2021) which she created with a diverse crew under the guidance of the Filipino community. A member of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, Botkin’s indigenous writing has garnered recognition as a second-round selection at the Austin Film Festival (2016) and quarterfinalist at Atlanta Film Festival (2018). She is a staunch supporter of diverse voices and Women in Film. 

Amanda Upson - Producer

Ms. Upson is a successful deaf attorney turned film producer. Amanda focuses on advocacy of the underrepresented in front of and behind the camera and is a change agent for accessibility. Her first film, Magnum Opus, garnered wide distribution in 2018. Named one of FORBES 40 to Watch Over 40, she is admitted to the bar of the US Supreme Court. In her spare time, serves as a mentor to students of University of Virginia.

amanda Upson


benito bautista


Mr. Bautista is an internationally distributed award-winning Filipino filmmaker whose passion is to tell underrepresented global stories. His feature film Gift of Barong is part of Stanford’s Program for International and Cross-Cultural Education, and HARANA has broadcast twice on PBS nationwide. His latest narrative release, The Interpreter, is currently available on Amazon Prime. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of San Diego Filipino Cinema.

Benito Bautista - Producer


Featured On-Screen

Rodolfo C Panaglima          Joy V Romero Meyers          Jackie Speier
Celestino G Almeda          Luciano Amutan          Marie C Blanco          Diwa A Carabio
Frank Catalo          Frank J Francone          Victor Fulford          Jon Melegrito
Antonio M Taguba          Seth A Watkins          Colleen Woods



Tamara Benitez, cinematographer      Michael Dadap, composer
Nonie Cruzado, illustrator      Gregg Stouffer, editor      Noel M Izon, co-producer
     Paul Tanedo, co-producer      Mass FX Media, motion graphics & visual effects
      Justin Besana, key art​      V Tran, colorist      Glen Matisoff, sound design
A Long March director, producers, featured talent pose on red carpet Oct 2021
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Over 1.2 million claim they served.

Fewer than 20% were added to the official roster.

Women were explicitly excluded.

They still believe America will do the right thing.

A LONG MARCH shines light on  past injustices to ensure history remembers all who have served under the U.S. flag.

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