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A LONG MARCH is the revealing look at how the United States conscripted Filipino-American forces to defeat WWII Axis powers – then systematically denied these veterans the rights and benefits promised for honorable service. Our film follows three of these veterans as they endeavor to right the wrong. As judicial solutions hit a brick wall and all eyes turn to Congress, will America stand up for the values it claims, and will these veterans get the recognition they deserve before they are all dead?

recognizing Our Veterans Together

We are collaborating with aligned allies as we release A LONG MARCH to audiences across the US, Philippines and beyond via our Impact Campaign. Our release will reach audiences across the globe through the following...
  • TURN-KEY IMPACT SCREENINGS reaching audiences through corporations, conferences, and local events

  • NATIONAL TELEVISION BROADCAST via 350 PBS member stations across the US
  • EDUCATIONAL RELEASE to universities and libraries like Kanopy and Hoopla
  • GLOBAL RELEASE with theatrical and broadcast in the Philippines, and digital platforms
  • DIGITAL RELEASE (VOD) commercially through platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes
“There’s never been a better moment to lift up and reflect stories from history to provide a greater perspective on what we’re experiencing now.”
- Ken Burns, Documentarian

Schedule an Online Screening with Live Q&A

Corporations, NGOs, and community groups across the country are sharing A LONG MARCH with their people:
  • Online streaming access on demand (with closed captions and/or audio description)
  • Live Zoom Q&A with Filmmakers
  • Customized/branded screening link using your organization's name, logo, and personal message to viewers
  • Optional welcome video from your organization
  • Build your audience by sponsoring participation of community groups
  • Access to discussion guides

build Your reach Through Underwriting

Companies, Brands, and NGOs can reach a national audience on PBS:
  • For 19 consecutive years, a national study has rated PBS as the most-trusted institution in America
  • From 2020-2021, new documentary content was seen by over 68 million people
  • 80% of PBS viewers prefer to do business with companies that support PBS
  • 95% of adult viewers are more likely to have a household income of $150,000+
  • 177 % more likely to have investments of $150,000+
  • 72% more likely to be homeowners
  • 57% more likely to have a vacation home
  • 96% more likely to buy a new domestic or imported car worth $39,000+

Conferences, Summits, and CLes

A LONG MARCH is perfect for presentations and discussions including filmmakers, experts, and film clips tailored for your:
Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), 
and Employee Resource Groups (ERG) presentations. 
We also have turn-key Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentations.

​Have other ideas of how A LONG MARCH can help you? Let us know!
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