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The producers of A LONG MARCH are partnering with GOOD DOCS on educational distribution for this film. This award-winning documentary is now available for rentals and sales to the following institutions:

  • High schools

  • Community colleges

  • Four-year Colleges

  • Universities

Please visit this website for more details about buying or renting the film for use at an educational institution. Or you can contact the GOOD DOCS team. The A LONG MARCH team are available to participate in virtual and in-person campus screening events. You can email the producers for more details or check out this campus screening overview.

If you’re from a non-profit organization or corporation, please contact the producers about hosting a screening of the film and/or speaking event with the filmmakers.

edu faq

How can I have a screening of A LONG MARCH at a high school, college or university? In order to screen a film at an educational institution, public performance rights (PPR) must be secured. PPR permit screenings in a classroom or library when no admission is charged. Those rights can be purchased for a limited time (14 days) or permanently. There are different prices for internal screenings (for use in a class) or public screenings (open to the general public).

How can I secure public performance rights for A LONG MARCH? The filmmakers are working with a distribution company – GOOD DOCS – to handle rentals and sales to educational institutions. You can learn more details here.

How can I host a screening for a non-profit organization or private business? GOOD DOCS is only handling distribution for educational institutions. Please contact the producers for more information about screenings of A LONG MARCH for non-profit organizations and private businesses.

How much does an educational copy cost? Visit GOOD DOCS for pricing of A LONG MARCH.

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)? Yes. Please contact for more information about Purchase Orders (PO).

How can I invite the filmmakers to speak at a screening of CURED? Please contact the producers for more information on the filmmakers’ availability.

I still have questions, how do I contact you? Send an email to the filmmakers.


Over 1.2 million Filipinos served the United States during WWII.

Fewer than 20% were added to the official roster.

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A Long March shines light on our past injustices to ensure history remembers all who have served under the American flag.

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