Distressed effect: Filipino veterans disappear into a waning Philippine sun as US flag waves above.

Colorado Screening

Colorado Dragon Film Festival Special Presentation | July 30, 2022 4:00PM 


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Distressed effect: Filipino veterans disappear into a waning Philippine sun as US flag waves above.

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ASIAN AVENUES MAGAZINE COVER STORY: A Long March Documentary About FilAm Veterans (OCT 2022)

"Uncovering historical relics in a basement led to the long awaited documentary called A Long March."


Documentary highlights fight for recognition, justice for Filipino American World War II veterans | KPBS Public Media

"They want respect. They want to be recognized as having served. So, the Rescission of 1946, when repealed, will right the wrong that was done," said Joe Garbonzos...

'A Long March' tells the story of Filipino World War II veterans at GI Film Festival - The San Diego Union-Tribune (


“I feel personally that we have an obligation to our ancestry to heal the wounds of the past,” Botkin said, “by recognizing what we’ve done and making restitution where we can.”

2022 GI Film Festival Announces Film Lineup - Broadway World (APR 2022)

"Making its San Diego premiere is the documentary feature film "A Long March." Director Tammy Botkin shines a light on the treatment of Filipino American veterans, from war to erasure by the U.S. government."

2022 Better Angels Lavine Fellowship Recipients Announced! (MAR 2022)

"Washington, DC – March 7, 2022 – Today, The Better Angels Society announced this year’s recipients of the Better Angels Lavine Fellowship, a program for promising filmmakers who are telling stories that focus on America’s diversity. The Fellows are selected from the pool of applicants to the Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film who demonstrate significant potential..."

“'I don’t sleep. I'm afraid to open the post': Covid's continued effect for film industry workers” - The Guardian (OCT 2020)


“There are days I get up and say, ‘We’re doing this!’ and we all plough forward. Then there are days when we all have to drag ourselves to our feet and curse our way through. But we remember: our veterans did not have an option to quit. We won’t either.” 

“We took a look at what we had and decided we owed it to our elderly veterans to finish telling this story as soon as possible. Because we couldn’t reach our subjects safely, we made the decision to include more animation to complete the film.” - TS Botkin, Director


“'Over one hour everything was cancelled' – how coronavirus devastated the film industry” - The Guardian (MAR 2020)


“Now, Covid-19 has taken aim at my subjects: elderly Filipino men and women who served in the US Army but were denied benefits and citizenship by the US Congress in 1946. Some of the subjects of the film who are in lockdown have stopped responding.” - TS Botkin, Director

“‘Fighting Filipinos’ film to be finished in New Mexico” - Inquirer.Net (MAR 2020)


“When I first heard about this story, I was struck by my own ignorance of WWII history in the Philippines. Then I learned of the depth of the US’ betrayal of its own soldiers. It’s a betrayal Congress easily doled out in the 1940s on people of color, and it’s unacceptable that the betrayal continues today. As an American, I cannot not swallow this as part of our collective identity. I mean, is this really who we are as a people?” - TS Botkin, Director


ShoPowSho 092: A Long March's T.S. Botkin! #ShoPowSho! #NRW! Filipino American Veterans! - YouTube

Check out the conversation with A Long March, Kuya P, and Viva Valentina as they speak with T.S. Botkin about the lost history of Filipino American veterans.

Greatest Memories with Ben Sandifer - April 1, 2022

Elvis Presley’s first visit to Macon 50 years ago…Ever wanted to audition for Broadway? John Jones explains the process…A Long March film and its mission of restoring benefits to Filipino-American veterans. All of this plus our Music Trivia Challenge and more.